The energy hub’s report did exactly

what I wanted it to and covered the

salient points well

Barry Wyatt, Strategic Project Manager, South Gloucestershire Council


The South West Energy Hub provides free expert advice and support to get energy projects started. We can help with options appraisals, feasibility studies, business cases, planning applications, and financing. Our Energy Guides and other resources on energy generation, investment models and a variety of other topics can be found on our Knowledge Centre page.


We can support any projects which improve the way energy is used, supplied or distributed. Renewable energy generation schemes are our top priority for funding.

We work with public sector and not-for-profit organisations across the South West region. Community groups can apply for funding through the Rural Community Energy Fund. Some private sector projects may be eligible on a case-by-case basis.

If you are unsure about your eligibility, please feel free to contact us


The hub can support projects at a range of scales, from community-led schemes through to strategic regional energy projects. Our key focus is large scale projects.

The types of energy projects we can support include

  • Low carbon electricity and heat generation
  • Energy supply for low carbon vehicles
  • Home energy retrofitting
  • Strategic energy infrastructure development

See our case studies for some recent examples.

In some instances, we may be able to support revenue investment projects if they offer a new service to consumers, particularly if it is innovative, has the potential to be replicated elsewhere and contributes to energy market transformation.


We will help you to assess the feasibility and risks of different energy projects before identifying a preferred option to develop.

As part of the feasibility studies we will support you to consider:

  • Technology options
  • Site conditions and location
  • Financial projections
  • Planning and permitting requirements including grid connections
  • Operations and governance
  • Delivery schedule.


We work with you to undertake a high-level cost-benefit analysis in order to assess the viability of a scheme, identify different funding options and support your decision to proceed.


We will support initial scheme design and site(s) identification, liaising with planning authorities and the grid operators and developing a schedule of costs and revenues.


We can provide detailed financial modelling and undertake due diligence where required to support your investment decision.

Please complete our project information form to request consultancy-related support outlined above. We regret we cannot provide capital funding for the installation of equipment.