“The team’s industry knowledge has been key in unlocking

the potential for projects across many council

services as well as the wider community.”

Jennifer Roberts, Senior Low Carbon Investment Officer, Cornwall Council


The South West Net Zero Hub was set up in late 2018.  We are a small team working with organisations and communities across the South West to identify, develop and implement low carbon energy projects.

The net zero hub is one of five that have been established across England, funded by the Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy. For the wider South West, the West of England Combined Authority is the lead partner in the project and hosts the net zero hub team. 

On our Knowledge Centre page you will find a collection of energy and net zero resources covering community energy, energy saving and generation, finance and investment, and business models.


  • Increase the number, quality and scale of local energy projects being delivered
  • Raise awareness of the opportunity for, and benefits of, local energy investment
  • Enable local organisations and community groups to attract private and/or public finance for energy projects
  • Support and deliver national and local Government schemes
  • Collaboration, co-ordination and sharing of best practice


In the South West, the hub covers seven Local Enterprise Partnership (LEP) areas.