Energy Conversations

Energy Conversations is a series of webinars hosted by the South West Energy Hub that shares the insights from recent sustainable energy projects across the region.

For each topic, we have provided a recording of the webinar and a report on the project.

Deploying Electric Vehicle (EV) charging across the Forest of Dean’s rural carparks

Combining EV charging with public sector car parks makes sense in terms of spatial planning, but how does the business case stack up? Can it be feasible in rural environments? Low Carbon Energy consultants Element Energy discuss a study which evaluated the viability of a portfolio of potential sites in the Forest of Dean and enabled the council to decide which ones were best to pursue.

Using policy to drive future building standards across Cornwall towards Net Zero

How can local planning levers lead the transition to a net zero economy? Sustainability engineers and LETI pioneers Etude discuss recent work for Cornwall Council assessing the building standards and policy controls needed to implement an equitable policy for net zero new development in the region.

Exploring the ability for local authorities to own and operate renewables on third party sites

Leading ESCo specialists Smartklub discuss the role that local authorities can take in delivering Energy Service Companies, their structure, risks, rewards and community benefits. This work, led on behalf of three local authorities in the South West, has focused in part on opportunities available through exempt licence supply and the aggregation of service offers across renewable generation, EV charging, heat pumps and power storage. So what are the options and how do you distribute and sell a mix of onsite and offsite generation through a local authority controlled company?

Using innovative PPA models to unlock greater purchasing power for community energy in Devon

What are the limitations of traditional and sleeved power purchase agreements (PPAs) and how can the emergence of synthetic PPAs be used as a tool to unlock these? Energy law solicitor Sonya Bedford discusses recent work for Bristol and Devon authorities in unpacking this question; including the impacts of variable pricing, a ‘many to many sale’ arrangement and public sector procurement routes.