Why develop a community energy project?

Clean renewable energy generation at community level is beneficial both to the community and the wider environment. By developing a local energy project you can help to:

  • Reduce carbon emissions and contribute to tackling the climate emergency (link)
  • Secure future community energy supply by reducing dependence on fossil fuels
  • Protect local people from rising fuel costs and duties, reducing the risk of fuel poverty
  • Generate income for community benefit
  • Create jobs and increase social cohesion

How do we access funding to cover capital costs?

The net zero hub can support projects looking to explore financing options and business case development but cannot provide direct funding to cover capital costs. Any upcoming local capital grant opportunities will be signposted though Local Authority, Local Enterprise Partnership and Community Energy England newsletters. Or you could explore the Community Energy England funding page which has a broad spectrum of grants, including capital funding.

We are a small organisation with only one building – can we still apply?

If you only have one building we recommend you partner with other local organisations to put together a joint application. See our news for some examples of how local groups have worked together to develop a successful community application. Single site projects are not eligible for RCEF because they do not require the level of investigation that an RCEF feasibility study would entail.

Can you recommend a consultant who can help us develop our proposal?

Unfortunately, we are not able to give out a list of consultants.